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Inspirational Recipes to Try

Nourishment doesn't always come naturally, especially if you were not raised with much of it. For me, it has been a self paced journey. Between learning nutrition from an Ayurvedic perspective to researching family food as a project in college to countless hours of scouring the internet for vegetarian recipes that I love, I'll never stop appreciating the resources that have been freely shared with me to help me move from "clueless in the kitchen" to "the stovetop is my playground". I love to help you move through the hurdles too, to also embrace nourishing yourself and your family the way that we used to before we bought into the idea that time is money and food comes in a package. I can help you cook on any budget and enjoy the alchemy of cooking. Here are just a few inspirations that were born in my kitchen. If you try any, drop me a line and let me know how they came out! If you would like support in this area, try a 1:1 Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultation. 

I'm always playing in the kitchen; you can find more recipes @cookforbalance on Instagram.

Need some support? 

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