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Ayurvedic face mask in the making. I'm s
Course Overview

Ayurvedic cleanses are different than typical fasts or fad programs. They are gentler than many and yet deeper than most. In this course, you will learn about the substances used in the cleanse, preparatory procedures, a protocol for a simple system reset, and how to rejuvenate and properly transition. Home cleanses are a powerful time of contemplation and often people discover through the process more than they even intended. A greater sense of purpose, a renewed commitment to health, and new lifestyle practices can support change that is lasting and ongoing.

Join Village Life Wellness for this practical course where information is offered freely, and at sliding scale cost. Join a community of people who want to dedicate to a greater sense of ease in the body and mind. How do you know it is time for a cleanse? We will go through this information as well. Whether you choose to engage in the full practice or hold some of this information in your back pocket for later, you will learn life altering techniques in this course.

Ayurvedic face mask in the making. I'm s

5 Week Ayurvedic Cleansing Course:

8 classes, 1 hour each (this course can be shortened or lengthened to any length)

Course Description
  • group online classes 2 x per week (a total of 9 sessions)

  • access to a video explaining the 3 doshas and 5 elements

  • access to a private facebook group to connect with community

  • pdf and video resources to study at home

  • sliding scale follow up appointments with Anjali


Are you ready to bring a sense of purpose

to your practice?

Take this course if you want to:

Learn about Health from the Ayurvedic perspective.

Through Ayurveda, we can learn about dis-ease at a subclinical level and cleanse as preventative measure. We can also cleanse what is deeply rooted on a physical, emotional, and mental level restoring health, peace, and wellness beyond the naked eye. Learn about the view of health, pathway of disease from the ayurvedic perspective, and what you can do about it. 


Give Your Digestion A Rest.

At the season's turn, our body can show signs of the taxation. Ayurveda says this is the time to be easy on our digestive system, so that the body's natural immune response can kick in. 


Though Ayurvedic cleanses are gentler than many of the kinds of cleanse programs, out there, give your mind's attention to the process and you can experience change in both subtle and profound ways.


With Anjali , you learn not only the how but the why of ayurvedic cleansing such that the knowledge is de-mystified and accessible.

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