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Why attend 


Opportunities for deep dives, intimate connection, away from the day to day distractions, now is your chance to integrate practices and understanding into day to day living with supportive guidance and community.


1 Day Ayurveda Retreat in Columbia Maryland

Join Savitha and Anjali for a day of total nourishment and beauty at Savitha's home in Columbia, Maryland. The day will begin with community poem/ song shares, simple yogic philosophy and a seasonally appropriate asana class with a special surprise finish. A light breakfast and time for quiet reflection, journaling with prompts, or a walk through the garden will precede an informative, experiential and aromatic Ayuredic nutrition workshop, from which you will hand make your own tailored spice blends. We will prep dinner together as we continue our journey of Ayurvedic nutrition and enjoy Savitha's cooking demonstration. We'll break bread (maybe, roti) together and envision our goals for the season to come together in community. Learning yoga and Ayurveda hands on and at home, you will take away more than you know, having absorbed bits of these traditions as a way of life, and by that we mean clear, grounded, nourished quality of life. Join us for a rest and reset, the Yoga and Ayurveda Nourishment Retreat, March 19th, 2023 from 10 - 6 pm. 

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2 Weeks in New Zealand
Yoga and Ayurveda

Information coming soon.

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