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Why attend 


Opportunities for deep dives, intimate connection, away from the day to day distractions, now is your chance to integrate practices and understanding into day to day living with supportive guidance and community.

1/2 Day Yoga & Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat with Savitha & Anjali in Columbia, Maryland

Immerse yourself in the healing and transformative practice of Ayurveda in this one day reset on August 25th, in Columbia Maryland, at Savitha's home.

Our reset will begin with a gathering where we will practice solo and community yoga to get to know each other and start the day.


We will have a light brunch as we explore the foundational principles of Ayurveda around the breakfast table in a group discussion. During the morning session, we will also explore the 6 tastes of Ayurveda and hold a discussion around Ayurvedic food combining and the knowledge embedded in taste sensation. 

Our day will continue with a cooking lesson from Savitha with QnA with Anjali. We will conclude with a group dinner. Interspersed throughout the day, there will also be opportunities for exploring Savitha's garden, rest, and chanting as we nourish ourselves in community.

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Life is delicious. Healing is amazing. It's in what grows. #ayurveda #offthegrid #newmexic

Vibrate: Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
in the mountains
of Charlottsville, VA

August 18 - 21st, 2023: An Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat Presented by Pathways Productions and Village Life Wellness, which is suitable for all levels of practice, will include nourishment through each of our senses: touch (pranayama, movement, and massage), sound (singing and sound bowls), smell (making bath products and spice blends) and taste (mindful eating and cooking). We will replenish through the natural beauty evident in the mountain views, trails, and each one of us.

Each participant will be offered a free introduction to Ayurveda recorded video and an optional Ayurvedic consultation at 25% off reduced rate to schedule at your convenience after the retreat.

Many activities will be optional so that you have ample time to enjoy the trails, hot tub, and deep rest.

View the schedule and register here.

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2 Weeks in New Zealand
Yoga and Ayurveda

Information coming soon for  2024. 

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