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Why attend 


Opportunities for deep dives, intimate connection, away from the day to day distractions, now is your chance to integrate practices and understanding into day to day living with supportive guidance and community.


4 Day Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains (20 minutes from Charlottsville, VA)

At the core of this work is connection. 

In a world in which we are always rushing, onto the next decision, project, stage of life, or even the next meal without time for acknowledgement, something is missed. We can know life through books and pretend to have lived it, by listing our moments on resumes or documenting them on social media profiles, but nothing beats experiences, felt fully. 


Ayurveda provides us a lens to see, hear, feel, smell, and touch with awareness of our own nature and nature herself. We learn to engage with life purposefully, sensitively, and set ourselves up to live our unique natural lives, well. 


The greatest gift of learning Ayurveda has been, for me, the gift of remembering how to tune in (not out). Learning how to truly wake up, slow down, and stop to smell the roses has been an easy doorway to meditation. Ayurveda is medicine for minds, bodies, and hearts. 

This retreat will include a a balance of yoga, pranayama, and Ayurveda lessons, meals, and physical practices in a shared home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Free Union, Virginia (near to Charlottesville).


The magic happens through our own awareness, honesty, sincerity, and presence in all that we do.


Read on below for more details


Two Possible Dates

This retreat sells out quickly, so we have decided to offer two possible retreats this year to choose from, one in May and one in July. 

Reserve Your Room Here for May 9 - May 13th dates or July 11th - 15th dates here

Arrival time before dinner on day 1. Departure time after brunch on the last day. 

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