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Super Health Food
Course Overview

If you have noticed that your body is stagnant and mind moving a million miles an hour you may be seeking a sense of unification: a yoga of sorts, a kind of union that takes place not only on a yoga mat or high on a mountain top but right in your home living space. That has always been the gift yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, the wisdom of life and longevity, which takes place in action in our bathrooms, our bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, and relationships, exactly where we are right now.


In this course, you can expect: 3 zoom calls per week with access to the recordings Some of Anjali’s favorite easy recipes Weekly PDF documents with information and practices One pre-recorded Intro to Ayurveda Lecture Access to a private FB group for group discussions and postings

Super Health Food

Ayurveda for Self Care & Nutrition

Course Description
Week 1: Creating good space (Sukha)
  • Begin to create a sense of stability by finding the one point in your day to create consistent ritual around food and wellbeing.

  • Learn Ayurvedic concepts like how to follow the path of the sun and daily rhythm (dinacarya)

  • Get rooted in the basics of the 5 elements and 3 doshas, Vata/Pitta/and Kapha (receive a pre-recorded video and supportive reading to help get grounded in the material).

Week 2: Practices for Balancing the Winds of Change
  • Breath-work for anxiety: traditional pranayama

  • Self oil massage (abhyanga) and nasal oiling (nasya)

  • Gentle vata pacifying yoga asana with guided scan (Savasana) for deeper rest

Week 3: The 6 Tastes of Ayurveda
  • The concepts of Rasa, Virya, and Vipak: fun & interactive workshops on mindful eating.

  • Learn the effect on the doshas of all 6 tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, and Astringent

  • Receive charts and PDF follow up material as notes

Week 4: Stoking the Fire
  • Learn the Ayurvedic concept of Digestive Fire & Metabolic Waste

  • 4 Main Types of Digestion: Knowing Your Agni Type

  • Tridoshic tips and tricks for stoking the digestive fire & aiding digestion

Week 5: Eat for Your Dosha & Agni Type
  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners by dosha

  • Ideal shopping lists by dosha

  • Anjali’s favorite simple recipes


Week 6: Make some Ayurvedic Staples
  • How to make ghee from butter

  • How to make Kitchari

  • Knowing your legumes (vegetarian sources of protein)

  • More recipes

  • Curry in a hurry! The proper order for cooking most stews or curries.


Week 7: Spice up Your Life
  • Learn uses of common spices which can be used in cooking, teas, pastes, and bathtubs.

  • How to make a muscle warming paste


Week 8: Your Questions Answered
  • QnA sessions where we learn from the community and you steer the ship on your last few classes. What you would like to explore?

  • Niche topics on self care and nutrition

  • Tying up loose ends from week 1-7


Are you ready to create healthy rhythms? 

Take this course if you want to:

Engage with Life as Meditation.

Everything we see, taste, touch, smell, or hear can be an inroad into a more joyful, more meditative experience. Learn how to cook, eat, and live mindfully through Ayurveda.


Avoid burnout.

If you are a teacher, caretaker, social service worker, parent, giver in any capacity, nourishment is key to your sustainability and survival. Ayurveda teaches us to nourish and cleanse regularly through common household items and simple practices. 

Go Deep Into The Simple.

The work of personal transformation helps you to live more confidently in your own skin with the personal insight to adapt to all of the changing seasons of your life. What once may have seemed like a chore can become the new palette for your creativity. Learn how to play in the kitchen and bathtub and to adapt your daily routines to meet your changing needs.


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