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Traditional Indian Woman
Course Overview

Learn techniques to embody your voice and share it with the world. Hindusthani music is passed through lineage and contains in it ways to directly connect to the Divine and Nature. Learn basic theory of scales and ragas, simple bhajans/devotional chants, their meanings and intent. Open your natural voice as a meditative and healing experience.

Anjali gives thanks for her guruji, Hasu Patel who was the senior student of Ustad Villayat Khan Saheb, and is one of the foremost female sitarists in the world. She is grateful to share this most basic level of Hindusthani music, fused with exercises to develop and explore your natural voice from her vocal theater training, and study of Sanskrit basics to bring about a unique opportunity to experience the power of your voice. She brings a unique heart to the experience of chanting, to make it meaningful, humble, and fun for all and invites both structure and creativity to the class.

Traditional Indian Woman

Develop Your Natural Voice Through Singing and Chanting

8 classes, 1 hour each (this course can be shortened or lengthened to any length)


Are you ready to bring a sense of purpose

to your practice?

Take this course if you want to:

Bring depth.

Bring depth to simple practices that are so often left out of “mainstream” yoga. Practices like pranayama and chair yoga as well as discourse around the ethical principles (yamas and niyamas) will set you up to introduce yoga to people who never thought it applied to them or reach those who never felt comfortable in a traditional mat class.


Avoid burnout.

Create the space in your home that supports a life of balance and resilience. Ayurveda is also central to this course. Expand your idea of what practice really means and create a lifestyle that supports longevity.


The work of personal transformation opens doors to diverse classrooms, settings, and radical imaginings of ways to spread love.


With Anjali and her team of guest instructors and collaborators, we learn how to live our practice beyond the mat. We can begin to interact with each other with personal and community accountability. We can create a world more inclusive and welcoming to those we may see as different from ourselves. We can feel whole.

You will receive:

4.5 hours per week for 14 weeks ​

Follow up readings, assignments, and materials.​


Scholarships especially for BIPOC and marginalized groups, partial and full, are offered if needed. 


Curriculum offered by request.

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