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Online Nourishing

​Studying slowly, patiently, with depth and integrity is far preferable to fast and shallow learning. In some classes like prānāyāma, it is the repetition and subtle variations that deepens the practice. These sessions are continued congruently or many times a year with the intent to build personal relationship with the practice while in community. In other courses, which are offered only once or twice per year, we take a deep dive and sometimes integrate 1:1 sessions. 

It is my intent to walk a journey with you, to encourage you to engage with the healing available in the natural world through the way that you nourish, and to find joy and fulfillment in the process. 

Gentle Yoga Asana: Four Weeks

A gently-paced class, grounded in the belief that body and breath are powerful vehicles of transformation available to everyone. A great choice for students seeking to build a life-long practice for nourishing body and soul, and for those living with arthritis or working to recover strength and flexibility after injury. Students will learn therapeutic principles of alignment; we will introduce variations with props (including the wall and chairs at times) to access poses safely, deeply and comfortably

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Introduction to Ayurveda: Two Workshops (6 hours)

A pair of workshops typically held for teacher trainings and those who want a deep dive into the lens of Ayurveda. You will receive in-depth but very accessible information regarding the 5 elements, 3 doshas, 20 gunas (qualities), application of this lens, as well as an experimental workshop on the six tastes of Ayurveda. These two workshops are a favorite and will next be held through the MahaVira Yoga Teacher Training (online) out of Richmond, VA. Click to


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Herbal Treatment

Prānāyāma: Six Weeks

Pranayama translates to “vital life expansion”. In this online course, you will learn a series of 8 classical pranayama techniques, several meditation techniques, and gentle stretches to expand lung capacity. You will step into an intimate and profound relationship with the breath. Seating can be on the floor or in a chair. All are welcome. There is no experience necessary.


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Rasa: Indian Cooking Through The Lens of Ayurveda

The next series of Rasa with take place online through Ancestral Apothecary this fall. Stay tuned for dates and information. Join the newsletter to be the first to hear. 


Traditional Hatha Yoga

Each class will be recorded for those who miss this practice. Traditional Hatha Yoga is breath-based experience for anybody. The poses are sometimes challenging and take weeks, months, or years but progress and the deeper layers of the practice are felt in every opportunity to practice. In each class you will be invited to practice breath-work, warm up, move your spine in all six directions, try simple inversions, forward bends, backward bends, twists, lateral stretches, and balancing poses. Every final resting savasana will be long and complete. The class will be loosely based upon the structure from the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams, but varied with alignment cues and variations Anjali has learned from many teachers as well as her own practice.

Sliding scale payments are offered as well for those who need a little help to attend.


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Ayurveda for Self Care: Nourishment & Cleansing

In this course, we will gain a thorough but accessible introduction to Ayurveda core concepts as it pertains to constitution, digestive capacity, Ayurvedic concept of specific digestive disorders, the function of flavor, daily rhythms of self care, and proper ways to nourish and cleanse seasonally. We will hold class in multiple styles: live online lectures and discussion sessions, a cooking lesson, as well as supplementary videos that highlight some substances and their usefulness in self treatments. Whether you are focused on nourishment or on cleansing, the self care treatments taught in this course are an essential part of Ayurveda and add incredible comfort to daily life.  Expect to learn warm oily self massage and application techniques that can be done as maintenance or as part of a deeper detoxification process. You will have access to a growing library of materials for at least one year following the completion of your course.

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Body Healing

Yoga by Dosha

Each week we will explore classes centered around the doshas: Vatā (air and space), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth) learning about the qualities of these elements, their dominant seasons, and how to use yoga techniques to bring balance to these qualities. For example, balancing the cold dry light qualities of early fall or the heavy, sticky, sluggish late winter. Class will be mostly practice based but with some information shared to ground the practice in wisdom of Ayurveda. Practices are chosen to help us find equilibrium, ample rest, and pure joy. For those in the Northern Hemisphere now entering into spring, we will give particular focus to balance during the cool damp season.

Sunset Yoga
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