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In Person 
In New Zealand
for NZ residents

I have just recently received my permanent residency and wow it has opened my heart. In a space of love and relief, I am offering my first retreat that will be open to those from abroad as well as newly found friends, family, clients, and students in New Zealand. 

In this retreat, you will have a unique hands-on opportunity to learn and directly apply the lens of Ayurveda to food, movement practices, breath work, and relationships. 

I love to share Ayurveda from a de-colonial lens, by seeing what truly ails us is sometimes not our disease names but an underlying cause or condition in our lifestyle. As we return to direct connection with land and nature, we explore our own natures and as such, we can re-condition our lives to align with natural healing forces. 

Everything in this world has qualities and therefore can be a poison or a medicine. Learn how to sense the qualities and how to assess whether this is the time and place for you to imbibe. Become alchemists of movement quality as well as food. Nourish and cleanse simultaneously through simple principles and practices. 

I have opened this retreat to those from abroad for 10 days. If you would prefer to come for the whole 10 days, please contact me! I am offering this 5 day version for residents of New Zealand as that just seems more doable for most. 

This is the reboot for 2024 that truly will change your life. We have space only for 4 more people maximum to make a retreat of 9 people, in this house that shares the same property as Mana Retreat Center in the Coromandel. It is a more intimate setting where we will move, breathe, cook, sing, massage, swim, make fires, and truly engage all of our senses in a mindful and medicinal way. 

Join us for the opportunity of a lifetime, the inaugural 

Vibrate, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in The Coromandel Peninsula. 

Arrive Feb 1st for dinner. Offical start Feb 2 - 7th after breakfast.

Email Anjali to register:

6 nights/ 5 days room, all meals, and all teaching included: $1700 NZD. 


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