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In New Zealand
Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

In this retreat, you will have a unique hands-on opportunity to learn and directly apply the lens of Ayurveda to food, movement practices, breath work, and relationships. 

I love to share an Ayurveda lens, by seeing what truly ails us is sometimes not our disease names but an underlying cause or condition in our lifestyle. As we return to direct connection with land and nature, we explore our own natures and as such, we can re-condition our lives to align with natural healing forces. 

Everything in this world has qualities and therefore can be a poison or a medicine. Learn how to sense the qualities and how to assess whether this is the time and place for you to imbibe. Become alchemists of movement quality as well as food. Nourish and cleanse simultaneously through simple principles and practices. 

The first part of the retreat is at Mana Retreat Center up in the hills where we will stay put and learn in the embrace of nature and a gorgeous sanctuary and the 2nd half in airbnbs by the sea in Whitianga with events like a sunset sail, hikes with cliff views, swimming in local bays and beaches, soaking in hot springs, in addition to our class sessions.

This is the reboot for 2025 that truly will change your life.

Join us for the opportunity of a lifetime, the

Vibrate, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in The Coromandel Peninsula. 

To make inquires or register, send an email to Anjali's assitant for the retreat: 

Arrive Jan 24th to move through jetlag. Offical start January 27th - February 3rd, 2025.

$3000 total cost for all meals, classes, and lodging. (airfare not included).

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