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In the soup of self help guides and latest fads, do you find yourself confused about what is "good" or "bad" for you? You are not alone. Many people live in a perpetual state of striving or depriving themselves to meet cookie cutter standards of wellness. 


Facts: you are already enough. Even without the fanciest kitchen or meditation cushion, you already have the tools to thrive. 


Ayurvedic wisdom teaches us that there is no one-size fits all plan or path for diet and lifestyle. We adapt to meet our changing needs based upon season, location, preconditions, family history, lifestyle, vocation, and age. One breath, one bite at a time, I will teach you how to to integrate ancient knowledge into your modern life joyfully and manageably. 

Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Practitioner

HI, I'm Anjali Sunita.


I foster dynamic, accessible, communities centering health, peace, and wholeness. Whether through my courses, consultations, or those with affiliate teachers whom I trust, I can guide you to engage with the qualities of the natural world from food, to scents, massage oils and herbs, yoga and breathing practices, to find healing potential in the kitchen, bathroom, and garden such that regular life becomes more meditative and more joyful. 


As a multiracial woman of the S. Asian diaspora, I am humble to and respectful of the rich teachings, histories, and ancestors who have maintained these living traditions throughout the ages; and I want to do my level best to listen, educate, and de-mystify the secrets of these ancient healing sciences, such that you feel deeply grounded on this earth and in your body. Learn more about my story.

Book me for a private consultation or treatment or to teach a public course in your institution or training.

Meet Anjali
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She gets to the

root of it all

Although we are living on opposite sides of the world right now, I still consider one of my most effective healers and have had much ease in meeting with her online. Anjali’s knowledge is deep, and from the heart as well as from the mind, and she is kind, playful, and accessible. I cannot recommend her services enough–particularly for the stuff other healers might look over or ignore. She gets to the root of it all.

- Ann Everton, Yoga Teacher and Hair Designer

She Sees Me

In a room full of people, she sees me. She sees each of us as individuals bringing something unique to the mat and to the community. She listens, observes and makes me feel part of something greater. I remember returning home from a class and telling my wife, “She sang to us!” I felt so nourished and nurtured! Anjali has a true gift and she will share it with you!

- Lynette Connelly, Psychotherapist

A gift, one you are worth giving yourself (or anyone you love).

Anjali meets you at your current level of understanding of energy work and “alternative medicine” to make your time together as valuable as possible — breaking down concepts for beginners, or building on existing knowledge. She and her teachings are a gift, and one you are worth giving to yourself (or anyone you love).

- Adrien Leacy, psychotherapist

Restored, realigned, and totally reconnected me to my joy

I grew up with ayurveda as a form of healing and have had many ayurvedic consultations. The offering of ayurvedic wisdom and healing left me feeling restored, realigned and totally reconnected me to my joy in an unparalleled way. I felt healthier in body, mind and spirit. I am so grateful for Anjali's healing presence and the simple, yet profound way that guidance and deep listening helped me heal my chronic asthma issues and other related ailments.

- Peejo Sehr, counselor

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