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Jal Mahal
Course Overview

Exploring many definitions, underlying philosophies, and practices from pre-vedic to modern times, we embrace yoga as diverse traditions and discuss core themes which root our current understandings of yoga in time and place.

This course is ideal as a complete course or can be taught in workshops for yoga teacher trainings or adjunct to other in depth adult education courses.


Jal Mahal

A Brief History Of Yoga's Migration

10-15 hours or more possible

Course Description

Through exploration of texts, language, video, slideshow, and other textural references, Anjali will lead us on a journey of discovery through various time periods to explore key themes such as dual vs non-dual philosophy, oral and written history, theories of the original yogis, vedic concepts of mind, some famous teachers and voices, the devastating effects of colonization and neo-colonization, and how our practices in the West are a reflection of a complex past. There will be room for group discussions and questions as we broaden our view of the meaning and origins of yoga. 

We will also uncover some lesser told history of bhaktas, rebellions, the intersections with British colonialism and imperialism, US xenophobia and immigration policies which directly impacted yoga's migration to the west. 

Morning Mist Over Trees

Are you ready to explore yoga's roots?

Take this course if you want to:

Bring Intention.

When we understand history, we understand ourselves. We are able to change align our actions with the forces in the universe which are life affirming and good. 


 Learn Context.

Yoga in the West has been whitewashed and diluted to the point of almost no recognition. Learn about the context of many masters an how yoga has always been a multifaceted dialogue and part and parcel of way of life


Once we know better, we can do better. Why sell ourselves short with narrow definitions of practice. Root in oral and written transition that is all about transformation and begin to practice in a way that brings liberation not only for oneself but for all beings.


With Anjali, we learn how to live our practice beyond the mat. We can begin to interact with each other with personal and community accountability. We can create a world more inclusive and welcoming to those we may see as different from ourselves. We can feel whole.

You will receive:

Follow up readings, assignments, and materials.​


Scholarships especially for BIPOC and marginalized groups, partial and full, are offered if needed. 

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