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Anjali Sunita is currently residing in Coromandel, New Zealand, with a home also in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She offers online support and courses to trainings and organizations throughout the world including yoga teacher trainings and professional development seminars. The following are topics previously offered, which can be adapted to suit your organization's schedule.  

Jal Mahal

A Brief History of Yoga's Migration

Exploring many definitions, underlying philosophies, and practices from pre-vedic to modern times, we embrace...

Traditional Indian Woman

Introduction to North Indian Classical Singing and Chanting

Learn techniques to embody your voice and share it with the world. Hindusthani music...

Super Health Food
Self Care

Ayurveda for Self Care & Nutrition

If you have noticed that your body is stagnant and mind moving a million miles an hour you may be seeking...

Ayurvedic face mask in the making. I'm s
Self Care

5 Week Ayurvedic Cleansing Course

Ayurvedic cleanses are different than typical fasts or fad programs. They are gentler than many and yet deeper than most. In this course...

Forest Trees
Breath Work


Through classical breathwork, we learn to expand the prana, or vital energy. In this beginning pranayama course, you will learn techniques for revitalization..

Indian Priest Meditating at Sunset

Yoga As A Living Practice

In this course, you can expect weekly focus on the other 7 limbs of yoga, with particular attention to Yamas and Niyamas, namely...

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